WebID Solutions – for Secure Online Transactions

In a world of rapidly increasing online transactions in all areas of life WebID Solutions offers consumers throughout the world a signposted way of carrying out highest-security verification procedures in the handling of personal data – without delay, wherever you are. For you, WebID means:
Everywhere ID for Everywhere Commerce!


Our video explains how you can confirm your identity per computer or mobile terminal device in just a few steps.
Have a look and see!

WebID Identify Personal

This WebID module gives you the opportunity to check the identity, per identity card, of persons online … »

WebID Contract

Conclude contracts of all sorts with your customers online! Effective, secure and time-saving, for you and your customers … »

WebID Identify Business

Check the identity of businesses online with records such as the commercial register extract or the business registration … »


Inventor and market leader of online identification!

Customers trust us – worldwide! Please find here a small excerpt from our references, both nationally and internationally … »