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Security and speed for online identifications and online contract signing

WebID Solutions GmbH is the head of the WebID Solutions Group, Europe’s leading provider of legally-compliant online contract conclusion and accurate personal identification products. Worldwide, WebID is the pioneer in video identification in accordance with the Money Laundering Act (GwG), which has been gradually adopted into the legislation and draft proposals of many companies since this pioneering achievement.

The company was founded in 2012. Its headquarters are in Berlin, with its most important locations in Germany being Hamburg and Solingen. It has subsidiaries in numerous other countries.
To date, more than 150 million data fields from users have been securely checked for authenticity and identified. Its team comprises almost 800 people, with more than 700 of them verifying over 15,000 users daily, 365 days a year.

WebID has invented and is continuously refining the meticulous processes behind personal legitimation. The results of many years of development work have even been integrated into official specifications for the entire industry – with WebID by far exceeding those specifications.

The group of companies is on a path of international expansion. Its own companies are gradually being set up, or major licensing partnerships are being entered into. All in all, more than 1,000 staff from WebID or licensing partners work in accordance with the secure WebID identification system. The “WebID Inside” label is continuing its international expansion. Sites are soon to open in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley) and New York. Why not become a licensing partner too with the WebID identification system and write to us here: here.

The quality and expansion of WebID video identification mean that the third model of the secure safekeeping and reuse of a “true identity”, which has been implemented since the company was founded, has proven a benefit to users. At the user’s request, WebID can act as a storage location for verified, true identities in order to allow an even better and maximum security user experience for everyday proofs of identification and when signing contracts in compliance with the law.

The WebID-Story

The management team

Frank Stefan Jorga

CEO and founder
Frank Stefan Jorga

Frank Stefan Jorga began his own entrepreneurial activities early on in the field of information technology.

He worked for Dresdner Bank AG, completing studies in business management and two state legal examinations (passing the bar to become a lawyer) at the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel.

After completing additional studies in the field of law and business administration, he moved to Los Angeles in the USA for an international construction project and then returned to Germany to take up a post on the Supervisory Board of Dresdner Bank AG. He then held numerous managerial positions as chief legal officer and managing director / CEO with SME companies and groups, some of which he held shares in and sold successfully.

His core strengths are digitisation, strategic areas of business, international collection and payments, risk management and establishing new online financial products on the market.

Frank S. Jorga also owns FEB Capital GmbH, an investment company, and was on the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Handelsbank AG until end of 2019.

Following a successful setup phase since 2011 as the founder of and principal partner in WebID Solutions GmbH, he has also been involved since the start of 2014 as co-CEO in the strategic product and corporate alignment and global expansion of the WebID Group.

Sven Oliver Jorga

CTO and founder
Sven Oliver Jorga

Sven Oliver Jorga started out with creative software development and system solution-finding for the insurance and financial services sector early on.

Even during his studies, he was an in-demand programmer and scientific assistant until he took up a professional career as a software developer at Becker & Mohnberg Softwaregesellschaft mbH, which specialises in insurance applications, after graduating in information technology with business management as his secondary subject from the Christian Albrecht University in Kiel.

After a few years, he moved to the IT department of Hartmann und Partner Holding GmbH & Co. KG, a group of companies operating throughout Germany, where he was appointed IT Project Manager and joint head of IT, becoming a member of the management team's leadership group and later taking over as sole head of the IT department.

Sven O. Jorga has been an active member of IT Service Management Forum® Deutschland e.V. since 2006. Following the call from his brother Frank Stefan Jorga, founder and managing director of WebID, Sven Oliver Jorga took over the engine room of WebID Solutions GmbH, its IT and product development departments, in 2012. He is committed to innovative product development, IT security and system design and drives the company's national and global expansion forward, primarily from the product side, partly by developing its software solution for licensed operation.

Michael Raucamp, Authorized Representative

Director Finance & Administration, HR

Ferhat Alimci

Director Operations

Markus Michels

Director Growth & Strategy


Inventor and market leader

WebID holds numerous patents, including a european, US-american and chinese Patent. Other patent granting procedures are currently pending.



Quality with a seal

The awards and certificates highlight WebID’s focus on quality. We are proud to be able to show off an array of certificates. You will find out more about these over the next few pages.



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