The WebID group

Secure online identification

WebID Solutions GmbH is the head of the WebID Solutions Group and Europe’s leading provider of products for legally compliant online contracts and correct personal identification. The WebID is a pioneer in video identification worldwide under the Money Laundering Act (GwG).

The company was founded in 2012. The head office is in Berlin, important locations are Solingen and Hamburg. Subsidiaries work in several countries.

To date, the WebID has identified more than two million users. The workforce has over 400 employees who can verify 10,000 people every day – 365 days a year.

The precise processes of personal legitimacy invented the WebID itself and refined it constantly. The results of the multi-year development work have even flowed into official guidelines for the entire industry – whereby the WebID far exceeds the regulations.

Die WebID Story

Die Gründer

Frank Stefan Jorga

CEO and founder of
WebID Solutions GmbH

Frank Stefan Jorga starts early with an entrepreneurial activity, namely in the IT sector.

He then completes his training as a banker at Dresdner Bank AG, where he also works afterwards.

This is followed by business studies and both legal state examinations (bar admission) at the Christian Albrechts University Kiel. After completing his studies (law business administration), working in Los Angeles and for the supervisory board of Dresdner Bank, he is led by executive positions as chief syndic and general manager of medium-sized companies and corporations.

Key topics include International Collection, Payment Risk Management, Distressed Debt, Strategic Business Units and the Market Establishment of New E-Commerce Financial Products.

Frank Stefan Jorga is also the owner of the investment company FEB Capital GmbH and the supervisory board of Deutsche Kontor Privatbank AG.

After a successful start-up phase since 2011 as the founder and main shareholder of WebID Solutions GmbH, he has been heading the international expansion of the company since 2014 in a management position.

Franz Thomas Prince

Co-CEO and founder of
WebID Solutions GmbH

Franz Thomas Fürst is a graduate of Boston University and holds a Bachelor of Science / Bachelor (BS / BA) degree in Business Administration.

After the sale of the family-owned group, he continues his academic education at the London Business School and obtains there a Master of Business Administration (MBA).

After several years of consulting work for CSC Index in Cambridge, Massachusetts, as well as London and Munich, Fürst has worked in investment banking for Credit Suisse First Boston in London and Frankfurt (Mergers & Acquisitions, M & A).

For more than ten years he has set up his own consulting firm specializing in financial services, media and retail.

Franz Thomas Fürst has been the founder and co-CEO of WebID Solutions GmbH since 2012. At the Solingen site, he is responsible for the company's own high-security Video Ident Center.