Identity checks with artificial intelligence and biometrics

Fast, secure and available anywhere

WebID Al uses artificial intelligence and biometrics to automatically identify a person within seconds in a secure manner and in compliance with data protection laws. This identification process provides all important information for your Know Your Customer (KYC) process, reduces the risk of fraud significantly and actively protects you against online fraud.


WebID AI has many benefits for you and your customers

For our AI-operated solution, we have considered all important aspects so that WebID AI can be used efficiently by both you and your customers. Simple integration into your existing system and an excellent user experience are just a few of the benefits WebID AI offers to you.

    • Available 24 hours a day
    • Cost-saving solution
    • Excellent documentation
    • Works on any device with internet and a camera
    • Easy to integrate into all existing systems
    • Significantly reduces the risk of fraud
    • Increases your conversions
    • Verification results in realtime

How does WebID AI work?

The user begins identification by inputting and then confirming their data. The user is then prompted to take a picture of their identity document. WebID AI then fully automatically checks the user’s identity document and compares it to the received data. Depending upon the WebID AI model, the user may then be prompted to take a portrait photo. The combination of the inputted data, ID photo and portrait photo is then finally, fully automatically verified.

WebID Videoidentifikation: Login-Maske

Customer enters their data and submits the form


Customer is prompted to take a picture of their identity document


Customer is asked to take a portrait photo of himself/herself


WebID AI checks the data fully automatically and provides the result

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