WebID opens two offices in the USA
US regulatory authority grants important patent


5th July 2018

WebID, market leader in video identification of individuals and QES online signatures has recently been granted the significant US patent for its digital verification processes. WebID´s intended expansion into the US can now be realized so that the successful WebID service offer will soon be available in the US as well. This gives the 2.0-growth phase of the 500-people-strong FinTech – whose key pillar is the development of new markets – another boost.

WebID rejoices about this milestone achievement: The United States Patent and Trademark Office recently granted the US patent to the high-tech service provider – an important prerequisite for going overseas. “We have already started with the implementation of our expansion. Now we can steam ahead’, says Frank Stefan Jorga, founder and Co-CEO of WebID Solutions GmbH.

Frank Stefan Jorga continues: “The patent was recently granted, and it was the prerequisite for enabling us to offer our services fully compliant also in the USA. Customers and partners expect no less. Now we can open our first two offices in the USA, one at the West Coast in Silicon Valley and one at the East Coast. We will swiftly appoint managing directors for these offices. This step is a milestone for us and will trigger another growth spurt, especially as we have already set the patent process in motion in other the markets that we are looking to expand into. ”

So far, the company has focused largely on the German-speaking countries, the so-called DACH region. With an accelerated expansion strategy, other continents are now being developed, alongside the USA, above all Asia with India, China, including Hong Kong. WebID pursues two goals with its concept: to go where the regular customers are and to acquire new partners. Franz Thomas Fürst, also founder and Co-CEO of WebID Solutions GmbH explains: “We want to be present where the music plays and in the high-tech industry that means California / Silicon Valley joining Google, Tesla, Apple and many other pioneers. We have adapted our WebID products for the US market. Above all, WebID 2.0 and WebID eCheck being fully automatic identification systems will experience extended ranges of application here.

Franz Thomas Fürst adds: “Every day we can already verify more than 10,000 persons 24/7, 365 days a year. In total, there are now well above three million users. We have invented and refined the sophisticated processes of personal verification ourselves. In doing so, we have developed solutions that enable our employees to identify fraud attempts and expose forgeries of identification documents. This is the core of our service offer and the result of several years of research and development work. Our customers trust in the reliability of our personal identification processes. We also offer this technology ‘made in Germany’ coupled with the famous German data protection, EU GDPR and the highest security standards in other worldwide markets. ”

Frank Stefan Jorga concludes: “Many German industries go abroad or are already represented there, including many of our customers. The milestone USA patent will lead to the fact that WebID´s international reference customers such as Deutsche-Bank-Group, Barclaycard, Allianz, Daimler and other companies will successively work together with WebID also in the US market. If you want to make online transactions safer and faster, we are already ready and prepared for action. Our core products around personal identification and QES online signatures are immediately applicable internationally. We are constantly improving our technologies and thereby ensure that we can always provide our existing customers and new customers worldwide with the latest, most up-to-date and, above all, safest solutions.”


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