Why should I use WebID's online processes?

WebID is the inventor of and market leader in video identification and also offers services around digital contract signing. Numerous references, patents and our many years of experience vouch for us. Why not get to know us better?

Simple, fast and super-secure

All WebID procedures meet legal requirements and have official approval. Big-name banks, insurance companies and official departments use WebID methods.

A tight grip on your data

The WebID methods are free of charge for you, and are designed to keep you safe. Your data is encrypted securely with us and you decide at any time who you want to share your personal details with. Our independent data defenders constantly monitor your private sphere

Act with confidence

With WebID methods, you retain control over your sensitive data at all times. In the age of digital services, it has become a particular mission of ours to enable you to do this.

What does WebID offer for lovers of online transactions?

Piles of paperwork? Going to the post office or a branch? So yesterday! WebID products are completely digital, secure, fast, convenient and completely free of charge for you! For more seamless online transactions - anytime and anywhere.

My WebID

One user profile - many advantages for you. For many online services. Find out which companies are activating the WebID. You will be amazed, guaranteed.

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Video identification

Prove your identity online to complete online transactions even more quickly. With video identification from WebID, this can be done easily and at any time.

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Digital contract signing

Legally signing rental agreements, loan contracts or mobile phone contracts with an app or a TAN? Find out how it's done with WebID.

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What are other users saying about their experiences with WebID?

We are committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience. This is why we regularly ask our users for their views. We’d like to share these reports with you. Find out more over the next few pages.

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Any questions about our processes?

Over the next few pages you’ll find a lot of useful information about our processes, as well as an opportunity to get in touch with us. We will be happy to help.


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