What is "My WebID", and where can I use it?

Simple, secure and quick recognition

With many online purchases, new registrations and login procedures, you have to identify yourself with your personal details; this is a standard part of everyday commercial life now. The repetitive creation of profiles and user accounts or the presentation of ID in branches are tedious, time-consuming and completely unnecessary. Create your user profile, your secure WebID and save time.

What do I have to do?

Your WebID is created with just 3 steps

To create your WebID, you will first undergo our video identification process. This is offered by many leading banks, insurance companies, telephone providers and other public departments. Easily start your account opening, SIM card enabling or car rental process. We store your profile securely. Afterwards, you can come back to us at any time and access your existing profile. Have your details changed? No problem. Simply go through our video identification process once again and update your profile.


Enter details


Receive a TAN on your mobile device


Enter the TAN and confirm your identity

What are the benefits for me?

  • Simple, convenient and no red tape
  • Leading banks and financial service providers use WebID
  • Unique technology for more convenience

  • Seamless processes without annoying passwords
  • Extremely secure thanks to two-factor authentication
  • Our service is completely free for you, and available round the clock


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