What is video identification?

Account opening, car sharing or new mobile phone numbers - you need to identify yourself to use many services. In the past, you had to present your ID in person, even if you only wanted to use online services. Today, everything is done conveniently through video identification, round the clock and worldwide.

Personal identification may be a routine aspect of everyday business, however the checks must be compliant and reliable. Otherwise anyone could make a purchase using a false identity or make banking transactions under a fake name. The patented video identification method from WebID therefore provides legally compliant yet fast verification.

Look how quick video identification with WebID is

You can prove your identify in three simple steps. You start the legitimation process on the website of the provider you wish to use. A bank, for example, or a car sharing provider, an insurance company or any other organisation. You can find a summary of our contract partners here.


Enter details


Make video call


Complete transaction

All you need for video identification

To identify yourself online, you simply need the following:


  • An Internet-enabled device with a camera and microphone
  • A valid ID document, such as a personal ID card or passport
  • A browser or our free WebIdent app


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What are the benefits for me?

  • Simple, convenient and no red tape
  • Personal, direct contact with trained staff
  • Leading banks and financial service providers use WebID
  • Unique technology for more convenience
  • From any Internet-enabled device: smartphone, tablet or computer

  • Seamless processes without annoying passwords
  • You can use your provider’s services and products straight away
  • Extremely secure thanks to two-factor authentication
  • Our service is completely free for you, and available round the clock